WTOP News-A. Scott Bolden, Stasia Kelly and Andrea Evans Selected to National List of Influential Attorneys.

A. Scott Bolden of Reed Smith, Andrea Evans of the Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans and Stasia Kelly of DLA Piper have been selected to a national list of notable attorneys.

The Business Journals’ Influencers: Law spotlights 100 executives who are having an impact on business and legal matters in communities across the nation.

These 100 executives represent both large, nationally recognized firms and smaller, locally focused businesses. Some are long-tenured executives while others have found success relatively early in their careers. And while some might be familiar industry names and others less so, as a group nationally, these individuals are having an impact on matters of business and law in myriad areas.

Click here to download the full list of 100 attorneys featured in Influencers: Law.

These executives were identified in conjunction with editors and staff writers across The Business Journals’ network of more than 40 publications, including the Washington Business Jourbal. Each has been featured as part of The Business Journals’ continuing coverage of the newsmakers in those cities. These are executives to know for entrepreneurs and companies that are looking to expand their businesses to new locations or to grow further in the cities in which they’re now operating.

This list follows The Business Journals’ production of The Influencers: Commercial Real Estate earlier this year. That list spotlighted 100 executives who are influencing real estate and development in their respective communities.

We welcome your comments as you review these lists and learn more about each of these executives. We also know there are many other good stories to tell. We look forward to sharing those stories with you through The Business Journals down the line.